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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  September 3, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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goodell saying he was dispensing his own brand of justice. >> now just about everyone is reacting from fans to donald trump. anthony johnson has the latest latest. of course we went on twitter this afternoon and asked the fans what did they think about this decision. some of them agree and others don't. the national football league wasted no time in appealing the overturning of the four game suspension for tom brady. commissioner roger goodell says the league disagrees with that decision and is taking additional action. in order to uphold the check siffly bargained responsibility to protect the integrity of the game. when tom brady left the federal courthouse in lower manhattan monday, there was no doubt this ruling was on the way. judge richard berman wrote in
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his decision to vacate the four- game suspension that it was premised upon several significant legal deficiencies including inadequate notice to brady of both his potential discipline and his alleged misconduct. denial of the opportunity for brady to examine one of two lead investigators and denial of witness interview notes. the judge's decision did not clear brady of wrongdoing in the alleged scheme to deflate footballs used in the afc championship game against the colts in january. but the ruling faults the process used. after the suspension was overturned, politics and football had a mini merger when donald trump called tom brady's mom to offer congratulations. >> tom brady is a good friend of mine. he is a great guy. for those of you who don't know him, he is an honorable guy and truly great athlete.
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>> reporter: the ruling went viral on twitter as chimers -- others chimed in. >> the decision has been made. let's look forward to an nfl season of integrity from all teams. >> reporter: janice says i think it's terrible that tom brady gets way with cheating. he deserves to be punished. bad precedent being set. finally matt mcmillan says even as a jets fan i'm glad his suspension was lifted. four games for two psi in a football? that's just silly. but don't expect deflategate to go away right away. they will be in court dealing with this in the appeals process. that appeals process could last months, possibly even jeers. coming up at 5:00, you could see jets fans are slowly starting to arrive for the preseason game against the eagles. we want to talk to them and get decision. we will have that at 5:00. that's the late he have live from the meadowlands, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, anthony.
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eyewitness news sports reporter laura behnke is in foxborough, massachusetts, where the patriots will play the giants in a few hours. she will be live on eyewitness news. new information on a deadly accident at a construction site in brooklyn. a construction worker has died after he was hit by the collapsing wall. it happened before noon in the williamsburg section. eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff is there with the details. >> reporter: we have learned that that construction worker was 19 years old. two others are stable. the incident happened behind this green construction barrier behind me around 11:30 this morning. reporter: this was the scene as construction workers were rushed to area hospitals after a wall collapsed in brooklyn. >> an excavation of a foundation and three people were injured. >> reporter: people working nearby quickly realized what
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had happened. >> we saw it really bad. >> reporter: department of building commissioner rick chandler says it appeared the construction company should have handled the project differently. >> the earth was removed completely from that wall and that's recipe for a wall to collapse. that's the tragedy that happened. >> reporter: chandler said a year ago there was a stop work order on this building because of unsafe conditions. that was removed in july when permits were put in place to transform a one story building into a five-story building. >> it appears that they took more of a risk than they should have in doing the excavation today. >> reporter: this is the 8th construction worker to be killed in the new york city area so far this year. we have since learned that the building's connected to this building may now be unstable as well. live in the williamsburg section of brooklyn, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> mallory, thank you. now to the weather. another hot one out there.
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on this 5th day of the heat wave, we are experiencing some of the warmest temperatures yet and that's not all. meteorologist lee goldberg is outside with much more on the heat and when we might see a break. lee. >> reporter: end of the line for the heat wave. day 5 the hottest day. 93-degree level. we hit it this hour and this will be it for the heat waves. this is what it looked like. we began this sunday. we alternating between 90 and 91 for a while. we will wait for the official climate summary after 9:30. 94 between hours. 93 newark and teterboro. the feel like readings are in the middle 90s. cooler on the shoreline with the wind off the water at times. we have more of a northeast wind as we advertised during the day today. feels like readings have been in the mid-90s and will continue to be there the next hour or two. air quality warnings are in effect. through tonight the air quality will improve the next few hours. now we watch the thunderstorms with a cold front to the north. we told you they would be spotty.
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we see a few of them. a few of these showers are sneaking into the catskills, midhudson valley. don't be surprised to see an isolated shower during the evening hours. the majority of the area will be dry, especially south of new york city. the best shot of a shower may be tomorrow morning because the front is still trying to work through the area. that may spark a shower along with a fair amount of clouds. if you are planning it will be a toasty evening, 86. feeling like 90 during the early evening hours. a lot of clouds around. a different look to the sky than we have seen in quite a while with a passing shower during the first part of the day. the sun will come back, humidity comes back and wait until you see the holiday weekend accuweather forecast. one of the nicest stretches in years. we will talk about that in a bit. back to you for now. >> thanks a lot. a wild series of chases and crashes in suffolk county with the man accused of setting off the chain of events behind bars. 26-year old jonathan moore faces several charges. he was in an accident with another car on the l.i.e.
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in holtsville and police say he then took off. another man gave chase and wound up getting hit by a van seriously hurting his leg. then police say that moore broke in a chemical company and stole a semi to get away and it doesn't end there. police say moore reportedly drove seven miles to patchogue, jackknifed the tractor trailer and then tried to steal a car from a dealership. >> we had accidents. we had thefts, things like that. nothing like this. >> after that wild chase, police tackled the suspect. they even had to put a bag over his head to restrain him. the fdny is looking into whether a suspicious fire that injured five people including three children is part of an arson spree in brooklyn. the fire broke out on glenwood road in flatbush before 4:45 this morning. it quickly engulfed two homes. firefighters battled the flames for an hour before finally putting them out.
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fire commissioner any grow said there was -- nigro said there was evidence the fire was set. >> everything was brand-new, new, they just had a baby. >> well, all of the victims were rushed to kings county hospital. they suffered nonlife- threatening injuries. officials say it's not clear yet where the fire began or exactly what sparked it. there are new details about the fire in hell's kitchen in an apartment building on tuesday afternoon where one person died. fire marshals say it was started by careless smoking. dillon baker was just getting home when the fire started. he helped get the family out and tried to save his neighbor, vivian eng but says he was driven back by the flames and the thick smoke. firefighters were able to pull her out but it was too late. she died at the hospital yesterday. we are learning new details about the pope francis visit to new york city in a few weeks. as part of his visit to east
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harlem september 25th, the pope will meet with immigrants and refugees that have been held by catholic charities. catholic charities believes it's the perfect place for him to visit. >> incredibly appreciative that pope francis and cardinal dolan decided that this was one of the places that he was going to visit in his brief time when he was in new york. >> pope francis will speak at the united nations during his one day visit to new york. his visit will end with a mass at madison square garden. as of today, new yorkers can sign up to win tickets to see pope francis in central park. the city will butte tense of thousand -- distribute tens of thousands. now through labor day new yorkers can enter to win two tickets. for information on how to sign up, go to the special section on our web site,
4:10 pm or call 311. a county clerk in kentucky refuses to issue marriage licenses because of her opposition for gay marriage and she was sent to jail. kim davis told a judge that she is following her conscious and what she claims is god's moral law. but the judge said davis took an oath to perform her job and her beliefs are not a viable defense. plaintiff's lawyers a short time ago proposed releasing davis from jail if she agreed not to interfere with her deputies issuing same-sex marriage licenses but davis refused and is in custody at this hour. donald trump putting to rest the question will he or won't he by pledging support to the g.o.p. nominee if he does not win the nomination. on the democratic side the e- mail controversy continues to haunt hillary clinton.
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>> reporter: it was decision day for the donald. presidential front-runner donald trump telling a crowd of supporters in front of new york's trump tower he signed the republican loyalty pledge. >> the best way for the republicans to win is if i win the nomination and go directly against whoever they happen to put up and for that reason, i have signed the pledge. >> reporter: trump spoke after meeting with republican chair pledging he will support the eventually republican nominee ruling out a third party bid for the white house. >> we will win. we will win. >> reporter: the rnc asked all g.o.p. candidates to sign the pledge. >> what did i get for signing the pledge? absolutely nothing. >> reporter: trump has held out the threat of a third party run as a way of gaining leverage. he continued his all out war of words with jeb bush. >> i watched him this morning on television and it's a little bit sad. >> reporter: that tv appearance
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on "good morning america" calling trump's statements bizarre and hurtful to the community. >> he doesn't believe in tolerance. >> reporter: some of hillary clinton's former aides are testifying behind closed doors this week about her private e- mail account and the benghazi attacks. another clinton aide says he will take the 5th rather than answer questions from the house select benghazi committee. the clinton campaign has encouraged all aides to answer questions. in washington, stephanie ramos, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, stephanie. stocks on wall street ending the day relatively flat. they rose earlier then fell off in the last hour of trading. investors are looking ahead to tomorrow when the august job report is released. here is a live look at the big board. the dow closed with a modest gain of 23 points, 16,374. still to come on "eyewitness news first at 4:00," another legionnaires scare in the bronx. we will tell you where the bacteria turned up this time
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and what makes it different from the other cases. >> a frightening free for all caught on camera. a soldier leaps from a
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helicopter but
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you can see a giant hole where the sound barrier was between 78 and hollywood memorial park. that is where the dump truck
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overturned taking down the wall. local lanes have delays for miles stretching to route 24. it's a mess. take 22 if you can. reporting live over route 78 in union, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. chances are you have seen the photo we are about to show you. we warn you it's graphic. it has been seen around the world. it instantly became a gutting an emotional image of the global crisis. the image of a young child found drown on a turkish beach after shipwrecked during a human smuggling mission. we know the little boy was a syrian immigrant named ailon curry. he decide alongside his brother and mother. his picture was posted on forecast by an ain't who tried to get the family asylum. >> my brother said it's my kids. it has to be the wake-up call
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for the whole world. and he said to me, my message to the world, please help those people crossing that water. >> four accused smugglers were taken into custody for the failed mission that killed the boys and ten other people. the children's father survived. he said that he wants to return to syria to bury the boys and be buried alongside them. meanwhile, there are some relief for other refugees in europe as the budapest train station reopened. this allows thousands of migrants to head to germany and other european nations to start a new life. france and germany's leaders are working on a system to distribute refugees among the european union. we have new details in the flight that disappeared over the indian ocean. french analysts confirmed that a wing found on the shore of an island is from the missing boeing 777. technicians linked the part
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through maintenance records and serial numbers. the wing section was among the debris that washed up on reunion island in july more than a year after the plane went down. 239 people were on board. caught on camera, an army soldier's parachute malfunctions and he goes crashing to the ground. he frantically struggles with the parachute. it happened in hamilton, montana, where u.s. special ops conduct free-fall training exercises. witnesses described that chaotic scene. >> it hit the ground and he let out a blood curdling scream. >> i looked out the blinds and there is blackhawk helicopters flying over head shaking my house. >> noise and action. there was already, like i said, somebody holding the guys head,
4:19 pm
immobilizing it and emergency services vehicles were arriving, sirens blaring, lights going. >> remarkably he survived. he was airlifted to the hospital. >> amazing. well, there are some amazing traditions in the world that spring up from the oddest places. add this story to the list. what you see is people celebrating the day a volcano erupted from an el salvador town more than 90 years ago. it forced an evacuation. to commemorate, this is what they do. the towns people throw basically fireballs around in the street. looks dangerous to me. who am i to tell them how to exercise their tradition but-- >> we don't want to cite size tradition but -- >> lee? >> i guess let's celebrate the hottest day of the heat wave, go to the subway platform and jog in place. >> with your winter coat on. beautiful. >> anyway.
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is there a joke that goes with this, a bear jock? i want to be prepared to laugh. >> i don't have a good bear joke today. i'm barely here. >> that's pretty funny. so bad i made you wait. hazy skies. it's summery. 93 this hour. it's warm, humid. the hot summer wind is blowing. a lot of haze toward lower manhattan. 93. letter look at the humidity at 29%. we have kept a northeast wind all day long. it's something we advertised yesterday. the feels like readings are close to the actual temperature. cheeped has a south wind and feels hotter because the humidity is higher along the shoreline. a pair of 8s in stan hope. 91 randolph. 93 in dumont, new jersey. 85 brentwood. 92 poughkeepsie and white plains. the feels like readings are
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close to the actual numbers. feels like mid-90s parts of interior new jersey. hazy skies at 7:00. a spotty thunderstorm around mainly north and west. overnight there could be a spotty storm, the bulk of the area is dry. the best chance of a shower is probably during the first half of the day as the front inches through, a lot of clouds around then break in the afternoon hours. highs in the lower 80s, a good ten or 12 below today's highs. a couple of showers through pennsylvania, trying to flirt with the poconos. a few showers in the catskills. a shower approaching kingston as we go to ulster and dutchess county. the bulk of the showers stay to the north. see that spinning area of heavy showers through the great lakes. that won't impact us tonight. the cold front will come through. to the north of the front, it's in the 70s, lower 80s and importantly, look at the dew points over eastern canada. they are in the 40s and 50s. that is september fallish feel. those have a ways to go until they get here. i don't think we feel this
4:22 pm
until this time tomorrow. we are getting relief in terms of temperatures. it's via cloud cover, a shower. some, it's cooler cloud cover tomorrow, more breaks in the afternoon. be aware you may run into a shower tomorrow morning, 82. south and west of new york city the shower threat will be there. 82. running around 10:00, 11:00 cooler than today. saturday, high pressure sets up to the north. a perfect position. a nice northeast wind 82. back to beautiful. humidity low. the only issue with saturday is because we would have had two days with a good early and northeasterly wind. the rip current may be strong. thinking about going to the beaches, a coolish feel. the rest of the weekend looks great. hazy warm and sticky. tomorrow the high temperature will be cooler, 82. it's humid. showers focused on the morning and afternoon. they will pull out of the area then it clears out, more comfortable, maybe a light jacket, tomorrow night
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especially away from the city. at 4:30, thursday, we have an important weekend get away. saturday, sunday and monday, the final weekend get away forecast of the season. the labor day holiday and you are going to love it. you will love it. dave and liz back to you. >> can we press pause on the weather. >> was that a bear joke? >> paws, you are sharp. we have to move past the bear jokes but i like that you are ready with them. >> or keep going with them. >> she is doing a -- all right. we will let that lie. shocking video. police say three drunk women drunk on a -- jump on a school bus with kids on board. >> plus a warning for parents with baby monitors. how he see it could be for hackers to spy on your family. what you can do to protect your
4:24 pm
privacy. hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you!
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new details on the common core controversy. governor cuomo said it is not working and must be fixed. he will ask a group of experts, teachers, parents and lawmakers to review the program and provide recommendations in time for a state of the state address in january. while he agrees with the goal of the common core standards the state's implementation of them had been flawed. new york university
4:27 pm
dropping bill cosby's name from a popular program for high school students. a spokesman says the university removed william h. cosby from the name of its future filmmakers workshop in light of recent events. nyu joins other schools in distancing themselves from cosby and sexual misconduct allegations by dozens of women. cosby denied the allegations. the idea of kanye west in the white house may be gaining momentum. days after the rapper said he was running for president in 2020, this sign appeared on top of the historic vertigo building in downtown los angeles. it's unclear who put the sign up in l.a. west announced his planned candidacy during the mtv music video awards. it sparked satire and some port. >> the presidential season. legionnaires' disease fears in the bronx. what tests revealed and why some people are left without hot water in their apartments. >> and a shocker.
4:28 pm
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e it's 4:30. all new this half hour, caught on camera, a gas station attendant dragged by a robber trying to make a get away. >> plus, an unforgettable ride to school. >> we don't know them. >> three drunk women get on a school bus with students on board. notice. >> and unwanted access. a new report on some of the top brands of baby monitors have major security flaws that leave the door wide open to potential hackers. >> we start did of this half hour with breaking news out of middlesex county where police are investigating the stabbing of two people. >> this happened this afternoon in perth amboy. one man is in custody. >> josh einiger just arrived on the scene. he is there about with the latest. >> reporter: we are at the corner of smith and mlk in downtown perth amboy.
4:32 pm
on. crime scene detectives are here on scene trying to make sense of this. the sidewalk on the right side stabbing took place. insurances say a man who lives in an apartment building here around the corner stepped out of his building just up mlk boulevard, in that direction there, stepped out of his building with a knife and stabbed two people here on the street. let's show you what one eyewitness had to say about what he saw here a couple of hours ago. >> suitly there was weird movement. then i saw the guy grabbing a knife, big knife, 12, 13, 15 inches long and stab it in the chest. he did it two, three times, i guess, to the chest. then people got freaked out. there were ladies and children over there. everyone got panic can i including myself.
4:33 pm
>> reporter: scary scene to be sure in the middle of downtown perth amboy. investigators try to figure out what the motive was. they did take the suspect into custody without incident. they are speaking to him now. the two victims in this case hospitalizedlized. us at this point. we are told they are still alive at an area hospital. we will continue to follow this for you as it continues to afternoon. live in perth amboy, new jersey, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. now the latest scare involving leg again nela. it was found at a housing complex in the bronx. four cases have been traced to the melrose houses. >> darla miles is in the melrose section of the bronx with much more. darla? >> reporter: liz, this is the breakdown of the four cases here at melrose houses. one in march which was completely isolated. two cases that the city says were linked to the opera house hotel cluster. then you have a recent case diagnosed last thursday.
4:34 pm
that could be part of the opera house hotel cluster or a new cluster altogether. >> a positive is a positive. the lady sick lived under me. >> reporter: 681 cortland in melrose houses. two people in this building have become sick with legionnaires' disease. >> you don't know where she has gotten it from. >> reporter: you knew she had legionnaires. >> uhuh. >> reporter: there were a total of four cases in this housing complex. the most recent popped up last thursday. >> we have one new case that we still need more information to be able to pinpoint whether it was caused by the previous location or something different. that patient is currently hospitalized and recovering. the previous patients all had been tread and recovered fully. >> reporter: in the meantime,
4:35 pm
test results are pending for six additional buildings. these water filters are being installed in each apartment. the health apartment is there passing out information. one visitor even decided to put on gloves and a mask and even though the drinking water has been deemed safe, some have opted for bottled water anyway. >> it's horrible. i have nothing upstairs. it's real hot today, real real hot. i'm concerned about the sprinkler in the park. >> reporter: the city is waiting for two important sets of test results. the first is expected tomorrow. that is to determine if the other six buildings here at melrose houses test positive for legionella. most importantly, a test result is expected next week. to find out about that one patient, if that new case of legionnaires' disease, the patient hospitalized is traced to the opera house hotel or melrose houses. i will have another update at 5:30. reporting live in the melrose section of the bronx, darla
4:36 pm
miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, darla. caught on camera, a gas station attendant violently dragged by a robber in new jersey. police released this video. he paid for $10 worth of gas at a middletown station in august. then he grabbed the attendant's apron full of money dragging him. the apron ripped and the crook got away with about $1,500. an update to the charleston church massacre. the prosecutor is pursuing the death penalty in that case of dylann roof. the number of deaths is one of the reasons. the prosecutor acknowledges some people don't agree with the death penalty. >> we all agree that forgiveness can be an important part of the healing process, but know that forgiveness does not necessarily mean for going consequences even severe consequences.
4:37 pm
>> the prosecutor says not all of the families of the victims want her to seek the death penalty but they accept her decision. the newark school superintendent kicked off his first year at the helm of new jersey's largest public school district by thanking the community today. christopher cerf was nominated after students staged several walkouts, demanded the resignation of cami anderson. he is looking forward to working with the mayor and parents and students to ensure they get a quality education. >> i realize that we are turning the page. we are looking forward into a bright future. it's hard to do sometimes. >> cerf announced district teachers will get $100 to spend on supplies and principals receive $7,500. the money comes from a $100 million donation from mark zuckerberg. when you put your kids on the bus to school, you expect
4:38 pm
them to be riding with other kids. in texas, somehow three adult women acting drunk hopped on a school bus and the driver did nothing to stop them. >> reporter: an unforgettable ride for a group of san santonio middle schoolers. >> we don't know them. >> reporter: three intoxicated woman even in in their 20s caught on camera boarding this bus filled with children. these unconventional riders slipping past the bus rider. two take seats in the back of the bus. the third sitting down next to a middle school boy for the entire 30-minute commute. >> clearly the bus driver wasn't paying attention to who was walking down the row of seats. >> reporter: after arriving at the school two slipped by the driver. when the third tries, he realized this isn't a group of students after all. >> how do three grown drunk women get on the bus. why? >> reporter: this morning the veteran bus driver is fired. the three women charged with criminal trespassing.
4:39 pm
one of the women cited for possessing alcohol on school property and another charged with assault after allegedly grabbing a students arm before the infamous ride. >> obviously difficult during the very beginning of school as there are new faces but regardless, this was a huge mistake. >> shirleen allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> i can't even imagine. >> i can't either. >> remarkable. still to come, picking up the signs of adhd. new information about what could be the key to diagnosing it early.
4:40 pm
>> alarming escape
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a new government report says parents may be the best detectors what it comes to picking up early signs of adhd in children. her son was diagnosed with it when he was 7 years old. shoemaker started suspecting he had the disorder when he was much younger. >> i knew something was off. his frustration level was high. he was about 3 years old. he said everything goes through my head so fast i can't catch it. >> cdc researchers say roughly
4:43 pm
65% of the 3,000 cases they reviewed, parents were the first and best detectors of early signs of adhd. new jersey is reporting the first death from the west nile virus in two years. health officials say a 65-year- old man died from the illness in passaic county last saturday. the victim was one of seven cases of west nile reported in new jersey this year. >> most people infected with the virus do not develop symptoms. officials say those over 60 years of age are at greater risk. new york could become the 5th state to ban smoking in all hotel and motel rooms. several national chains ban smoking in all the locations. a bill being considered by new york lawmakers would take the ban statewide. new york prohibits smoking in most public places. neighbors in florida are on edge as an all out search to find a deadly king cobra snake goes door to door. a king cobra similar to this
4:44 pm
florida. the owner of the highly venomous serpent has a permit to keep it as a pet. the community. king cobra's are relatively shy when dealing with humans but one bite is powerful enough to kill an elephant. people are warned to stay clear of it if they come across it. give a head's up so the proper snack wrangler can come in and do the job. >> but they are shy. still to come, an alert for parents. how some baby monitors could leave you exposed to criminals who want to spy on you. we will tell you what you can do to protect your family. >> and president obama shows his alaskan appreciation with
4:45 pm
some music and some dance.
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4:47 pm
why did the chicken try to cross the oakland bay bridge? we don't know but it caused quite a scene during the morning commute. >> oh. >> drivers don't know what to do. some took pictures. he kept making a run for it. traffic was backed up for miles while officers chased the chicken around. it took them four hours but they caught the chicken. lee, it's not bears but i think
4:48 pm
you can do something with this. >> look at the chicken. >> now a suspect. that is the best shot in a long time. >> not free range any more. >> good game over the bridge. >> could be. let me right that. don't do chicken jokes. >> you did that in 30 seconds do you have any chicken jokes. >> you have such high standards. >> maybe by the end of weather. you got me thinking about kfc tonight. >> the chicken doesn't want to hear that. the chicken didn't get bail. temperatures are sunny and hot. this is the drought monitor.
4:49 pm
we get these maps issued on thursday, gives you an idea of the landscape of the drought conditions around the area. as of last week, normally dry in the bulk of the tri-state area and the case all summer long. here is the new update today. moderate drought in northeastern new jersey, bordering on new jersey. abnormally dry air has expanded. we have been really dry to end august and start september. we have spotty storms to talk about. i don't see significant rains until chances late next week. look at the labor day weekend. unbelievable. you have sunshine from mountain top to seashore. lucky 7s on saturday. i will change those next half hour. 70s from jersey shore. low 80s saturday. a little low humidity. labor day, more humid conditions and a nice day to be at the beach. best beach day.
4:50 pm
>> touch to rank those days. really 1 a and 1 b. looking at the planner tonight, patchy clouds, storms around. humidity with us. forecast low of 75. there can be a shower through early afternoon tomorrow and clouds probably dome anyone nature then the clouds break. low 80s during the afternoon hours. a good ten or 12 below today's readings. then the clouds break. that's when the humidity drops. you may go out tomorrow and say i thought about relief. not in terms of humidity. it's the temperature that goes down. spotty showers early evening hours ahead of the cold front. widely scattered through the overnight. with the front stalled over us and low clouds i don't think we are talking about thunderstorms but a couple of showers can be with us morning into early afternoon. then the clouds will try to break. i think the clouds will be stubborn. that's why we get the lower 80s. they break tomorrow night with the lower humidity. comfortable on saturday. so, here is your accuweather seven-day forecast. all the days are labeled correctly.
4:51 pm
friday a shower through early afternoon at worse. clouds break for sun, 82. 82 but nicer 82 saturday. drier, delightful. if you are thinking about the beach trying to pick the days during the weekend, sunday and monday will be better. it's cooler and drier on saturday. decent beach day but the best beach day is sunday and labor day when we approach 90. >> if you can take another day, tuesday is 91, looks nice. >> right. another heat wave into next week. >> david? here is what is trending. kentucky clerk's arrest over same-sex marriage and deflategate decision generating lots of attention online along with a story from us weekly that the entire deflategate affair has taken a toll on the relationship of tom brady and gisele bundchen. it's not only football trending. in georgia, video of a mass baptism of team players and coaches before a football practice.
4:52 pm
the problem for some is it was held on school grounds. however, the team says it was after school and completely voluntary. the district is investigating. president obama finding different ways to bring attention to his alaskan trip. he is demonstrating to see students he has moves. you got to end with that. the native dance on the last day of his three-day trip. talk about dance moves. how did november vac jock so very much after his mass, a guy called super fan ran on the court and got the number one men's tennis star to do the moves. he called off the security. people were quick, what is that. he has moves. he is a he fun. >> finally the dance theme going.
4:53 pm
i don't know what it is about the whip nae nae but notice ronald mcdonald to the list. >> the kids are doing a much better job. ronald at an event in detroit shows he has it going on as well. check out the trend online and send us your trend ideas using the hashtag -- >> i have a 7 and 8-year-old that do the nae nae all day long. >> they are probably great at it. >> it's funny. still to come, baby monitor danger. the flaw that could leave your family open to hacking. the information that you need to know. >> a quick check on the delays at the hudson river crossings. at the holland tunnel,
4:54 pm
outbound, 30
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
we are following some breaking news right now. live pictures from newscopter 7. we have reports of a plane crash. shannon sohn is over some type of scene with some information for us. shannon, what are we looking at here. >> reporter: this is the information that is literally just coming down now. this plane crash happened within the last few minutes. we just arrived on the scene. we will circle around around show you the plane which appears to be a small cessna. it crashed in the trees off the cresskill swim club. you can see the emergency crews literally just now responding to the scene. i will ask captain randy to come to the other side to get a better look at this. it is a cessna that crashed. we heard this plane making a call to laguardia tower about 7
4:57 pm
miles north of spuyten duyvil saying they had engine fail use or troubles anyway trying to make it into teterboro. they cut across new jersey, cresskill to get to teterboro. the next call is that they lost them completely. this is where they came to rest minutes. unclear on any survivors on board or how bad the injuries. this is just off third street and magnolia. the plane came through what appears to have been an empty field, close to this there were fields filled with people. it crashed in a tree line. the circumstances around this, we know the engine failed on the pilot. unclear how many people were on board. it looks like a cessna. unclear on that as well. emergency crews just now responding to the scene. hopefully we will get more information on this and hopefully the passengers and pilot on board the plane will be okay. reporting live over cresskill, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you.
4:58 pm
i know the area very well. it's a very residential area. they are lucky that it didn't hit a house or busy street in that area in bergen county. >> good to see that rescuers are there working the scene. we saw someone running over with a stretcher as they tend to those people inside that plane. but this just happening a short time ago. again, this small, what we believe to be a cessna airplane reporting engine trouble and crashed in cresskill, new jersey. there is still much more news ahead. we will have much more on this breaking story. "eyewitness news at 5:00" begins right now. a scarlet nightmare. rutgers opens its football season on saturday. now several players are suspended facing criminal charges. >> a federal judge erases tom brady's suspension for the deflategate controversy. >> good evening, i'm sade baderinwa.
4:59 pm
>> i'm shirleen allicot in for diana williams. those stories in a moment. first the breaking news. a plane crash in cresskill, new jersey. let's get the latest from shannon sohn in newscopter 7. shannon? >> reporter: yeah, shirleen, there were moments where we were holding our breath. we were working in laguardia's airspace when we heard this plane call in saying it was having engine troubles about seven miles north of city ten duyvil in the bronx -- spuyten duyvil in the bronx. they requested to make it to teterboro. they cut across new jersey. it was in cresskill when they determined they could not make it, the engine failed. they alerted the tower then went radio silent. this is where we found the plane. it appears to be a cessna. you can see emergency crews working around it. it came to rest in some trees just off the cresskill swim club at the intersection of third and magnolia. we will bring the shot out to give you perspective on where


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